MEDIA ROUNDUP: Jan – March 2017

Related articles and videos in the months of Jan – March 2017

MARCH 2017 

March 28th – Women’s Groups Outraged By Statement On Muslim Marriage – 

March 24th – Islamic cleric’s antipathy to marriage law reform irks women

March 24th – ACJU statement draws flak – 

March 24th – அடையாளம், கலாசாரம், பால் நிலை சமத்துவம், மனித உரிமைகள் – “முஸ்லிம் தனியாள் சட்டத்தைத் திருத்துவதில் மதத் தலைவர்களை நம்ப இயலாது” 

March 23rd – WAN STATEMENT: Religious Leaders Cannot Be Trusted To Reform MMDA: Women’s Action Network

March 22nd – Sri Lankan Muslim Clerics Say Women Are Not Equal To Men, Defend Marriage Before Puberty – 

March 22nd – The Urgent Need To Reform The Muslim Marriage & Divorce Act – 

March 22nd – MMDA does not need reforms: ACJU Chairman – 

March 21st – இலங்கையில் முஸ்லிம் தனியார்ச் சட்டம் கோலங்கள் – அலங்கோலங்கள் 

March 20th – ‘Muslims can’t marry under General Law’ – 

March 16th –  VIDEO මුස්ලිම් ළමා විවාහ සහ මුස්ලිම් පුද්ගල නීතිය…..මානව හිමිකම් නීතිවේදිනී එර්මීසා ටෙගල්.බීබීසී සිංහල ෆේස්බුක් අඩවිය 

March 13th – MPLRAG Issues Four Guiding Principles For MMDA Reforms; Demands A Place For Muslim Women In The Process – 

March 12th – Going beyond empty speeches for gender justice

March 10th – Women’s rights: Sri Lanka still to go a long way

March 8th – CEDAW asks Sri Lanka to amend personal laws –

March 7th – CEDAW urges Govt to expedite Muslim personal law reforms – 

March 5th  – The choice to change is now! An opinion on reforming Sri Lankan Muslim Personal Law  –

March 5th- Sri Lanka Dodges Questions on Women’s Rights at UN Committee

March 3rd – Human Rights Watch slams Sri Lanka for dodging questions on women’s rights –

March 3rd – Human Rights Watch – Sri Lanka Dodges Questions on Women’s Rights at UN Committee – 

March 1st – Muslim Feminists, Anti-Reformists, The MMDA & The Ground Realities –


Feb 23rd – Govt. faces fiery questions on women’s rights at UN – See more at:–faces-fiery-questions-on-women-s-rights-at-UN#sthash.kE8xBbt2.dpuf 

Feb 22nd – At CEDAW, Lankan women activists call for equality and end to discrimination – See more at:–Lankan-women-activists-call-for-equality-and-end-to-discrimination#sthash.H7d4011h.dpuf 

Feb 20th – A True Sri Lankan Intersectionality: 

Feb 14 – Quazi’s unaware of MMDA – 


Jan 17 – Regressive Groups Continue To Throw Hurdles At MMDA Reforms 

Jan 6th – Socioeconomic net on marriage knot – 

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