MEDIA ROUNDUP: Jan – March 2017

Related articles and videos in the months of Jan - March 2017 MARCH 2017  March 28th - Women’s Groups Outraged By Statement On Muslim Marriage -  March 24th - Islamic cleric's antipathy to marriage law reform irks women March 24th - ACJU statement draws flak -  March 24th - அடையாளம், கலாசாரம், பால் நிலை சமத்துவம், மனித உரிமைகள் - “முஸ்லிம் தனியாள் சட்டத்தைத் திருத்துவதில்... Continue Reading →


“Allah orders justice, kindness and good conduct. He forbids injustice, immorality and oppression”. [Al-Quran 16:90] Muslims in Sri Lanka have an Act governing marriage and divorce – the 1951 Muslim Marriage and Divorce Act (MMDA), as well as a separate Quazi court system that administers the MMDA. However, over the years of implementation, it has... Continue Reading →

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